Calculating Carbon The Right Way

According to Laurel Brunner of the Verdigris Project, the ISO 16759 document outlines requirements for calculating the carbon footprint of a print run and it was published in 2013. Since then it has done well with printers bold enough to take the plunge. And now, when it comes to services that implement the standard, ISO […]

2023-06-21T09:39:15+02:00Jun 18th, 2023|

How Climate Affects Vinyl Performance

The durability of a PVC film is generally determined by three major factors. They are the additives in the film, the environment in which the film is used, and ink (in the case of printed film). The angle at which you display the signage is also a factor to consider. However as the regional climate […]

2019-06-28T14:53:59+02:00Jun 28th, 2019|
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