JG Electronics is launching its new DTF solutions at the Sign Africa Expo, which takes place from 13-15 September at Gallagher Convention Centre. The DTF solutions include printers in A3 and A4 format, which are both compatible with a new powder shaker.


The new DTF Station Galaxy Prestige R2 DTF A3 printer is a compact yet powerful DTF solution designed to revolutionise the industry with its efficient printing and dual-head technology.

The Prestige DTF A3 has been developed from the ground up specifically for DTF printing. This means parts are not an issue, and it means that the printer is not going to give issues the modified printers have. By using semi-industrial printheads (two of them) the machine is less susceptible to blockages while also printing much faster than a modified printer (3 minutes for an A3 print vs 10-15 minutes).

The printer uses a CMYKWW ink system (dual white) which, when combined with the included CADlink RIP software and the premium powder, gives users much finer detail, with far better colour control and job costing.

Users can now transfer onto light and dark porous substrates (like fabrics, some man-made leathers, and so on) with a quality and durability that beats other digital printing technology (except sublimation, which is only for white and light polyester fabrics).

The combination of quality inks, film and powder is the most important factor in print durability. Shirts have been washed and tumble-dried in accelerated wash tests for about 50 times with zero loss in print fidelity.

With the powerful dual head technology of XP600 printheads, this printer boasts a print speed of 2.5sqm/hour, which is not usually seen with a printer this size. It is ideal for new and existing print businesses who are looking for the most durable and cost-effective way to produce the kind of quality that will have their customers coming back.

The included CADlink RIP software has been designed for DTF printing and includes colour and media profiles for both this printer and JG Electronics’ inks and media. The RIP is genuine software with full support.

Without the RIP, there’s no possible way for the printer to know where to apply the white and how much ink to apply. It optimises colour management, making it more reliable in printing for accurate colour matching and precise placement of ink, and controls various aspects of the printing process. CADlink has patented technology that gives users brighter colours while simultaneously reducing the amount of white used, thus saving the user money.


The new Galaxy Prestige DTF Station A4 printer is the latest innovation in DTF printing. Its efficient printing is perfect for mass printing or on-demand printing for a business.

It supports both roll to roll and sheet printing. It has a white ink, giving users the ability to print vivid designs with white directly onto a special film that is then transferred to the final product. The printer is compatible with CADlink software, which is more reliable in printing and precise in colour and ink drop controlling. The upgraded appearance and inside structure offers a more stable operation and convenient maintenance. The printing results in items with strong washability, that feel better to the touch. The durability is very high with cost-effective printing results. The printer is great for printing on porous items.

The Prestige A4 Printer is DTF Station’s smallest printer. Perfect for garment printing enthusiasts starting out with direct to film printing, the desktop printer is available in three colour options: classic (black and grey), pink and mint. It ensures high quality and reliable results at 0.8sqm/hour, and its compact design means a user can place this printer just about anywhere.

Powder Shaker And Dryer

Both printers are compatible with the DTF Station Miro 13, the new automatic DTF powder shaker and dryer. An improved version of the Seismo 11 shaker, the Miro 13 was developed to pair alongside DTF Station’s A3 and A4 DTF solutions. Due to more optimised heating, power consumption has dropped from 1500W on the Seismo 11 to 1100W on the Miro 13, making for an easier and more efficient powdering solution. Plus, the built-in air purifier on the Miro 13 ensures a safer, more eco-friendly working environment that saves space and time.

Entrance to the event, which takes place from 9am-5pm, is free, please register online. The event is sponsored by Platinum sponsors Roland DG South Africa and Stixo Signage Supplies. The event is co-located with Africa Print, FESPA Africa, Modern Marketing, and Graphics, Print & Sign.

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