Service Recovery In Today’s Fast-Paced World

John Tschohl of the Service Quality Institute elaborates on the concept of service recovery, including acting quickly, taking responsibility and being empowered. Not many companies practice the magic of Service Recovery. The magic in service recovery occurs when a frontline employee solves a customer’s problem and does so in 60 seconds or less. Acting quickly, […]

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Three Emerging Signage Trends

According to Gerber Technology, consumers are changing their preferred signage type. As the global marketplace for goods and services evolves, so does the signage consumer’s needs. Online retail and other business marketplaces have dramatically changed not only the ways goods and services are offered and delivered but also how they are advertised. The ubiquity of online […]

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Think Of Vinyl Like A Pizza

According to Gardiner Graphics Supplies Europe, vinyl is very much like a pizza. Take these three types of display vinyl: monomeric, polymeric and cast. All three are polyvinyl chloride – the vinyl we know as PVC – and contain similar ingredients, but the quality of those ingredients and how they are created make all the […]

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Vinyl Cutting Camera Vs. Sensor Technology: Which Is Better?

According to Summa, in today’s market, you have a choice between camera-based and sensor-based optical recognition. People often tend to assume cameras are faster than sensors. Generally spoken, this is true. However, this is not the full story. Sensor-based recognition technology First, we would like to start with sensor-based optical recognition, as this is one […]

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Creating Christmas Gifts With Sublimation, Heat Transfer And More

Coastal Business Supplies discusses personalised holiday gifts ideas that are cost effective and also have sentimental value. 1. Personalised mugs Custom drinkware is a big hit year-round, but that’s especially true during the holiday season. Personalised, sublimated mugs are always in demand as they make wonderful gifts for the family as well as stylish holiday […]

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Season’s Greetings From Sign Africa

Sign Africa wishes all its readers a joyous festive season and a prosperous New Year. We will be closed from 13 December 2019 and will reopen on 9 January 2020. Thank you for your support throughout the year! Be sure to add our expo dates to your 2020 calendar: – Bloemfontein: 12 February 2020. – […]

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Keeping One Step Ahead Of Cyber Attacks

Quentyn Taylor, director of security at Canon EMEA, provides insight into how companies can develop a robust cybersecurity system through a collaborative, collective and uncompromising approach. For example, shared use printers can be a weak point if poor data security practice is observed and outbound comms processes need to be taken into consideration when thinking […]

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Advancements In Soft Signage Technology Create New Markets

According to Gerber Technology, soft signage is taking over the industry, and this is apparent even to the average consumer walking through the mall, driving down the street or wandering about a trade show floor. For example, busy business complexes, such as shopping malls and airports, can display pop-up or rotating fabric signs to lend […]

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Collecting Metrics For Digital Signage Projects Is Important

According to Geoffrey Bessin, chief evangelist, Intuiface, running a business without metrics is laughably risky and there isn’t an investor or entrepreneur on the planet who thinks otherwise. So why aren’t you collecting metrics for your digital signage project? Whether the project is yours or a client’s, chances are you’ve somehow decided that experience and […]

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