Release Liners Are A Critical Feature Of Self-Adhesive Print Media

D’Arcy Lewis, Technical Sales Manager at Drytac, explains why high-quality release liners are crucial to easy printing and installation. Release liners are a critical feature of self-adhesive print media. They are a key component for the delivery of the product and the application performance, but as they are ultimately disposed of, they are often perceived […]

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Modern Marketing LIVE Featuring Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Beginner’s Workshop

Modern Marketing LIVE is proud to present an online Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 workshop for beginners. Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX and more. Take your ideas to new places by preparing professional-quality designs, exploring tools, workflows and ideal user interface settings. The […]

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Digital Signage Helps Maintain A Positive Customer Experience

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, one of the most important tactics to stay afloat is to maintain good communication with customers, so that they understand all of the guidelines and how your company is keeping them safe. Digital signage can help with that task. ‘This pandemic has illuminated the fact […]

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Driving Change In Textile Production

According to Laurel Brunner, writing for the Verdigris Project, the printing of textiles is just one very small part of the process of getting clothes, furnishings and the like onto our backs and into our homes. It is encouraging that like many others, textile producers are starting to look at ways to improve their carbon […]

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What Makes Good Signage?

According to María José García, FLAAR Reports/DPI Insights Magazine, advertising is everything for a business: it can be the piece of the puzzle that can mean success or failure. As marketing expenditure is increasing, it is invested more and more in signage, including digital signage. Thanks to the many trade shows around the world, people […]

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How Print Trumps Digital In Winning Customer Trust

According to Jimmy De Waal, B2B: Head of Marketing at Canon South Africa, we all understand that successful marketing often appeals to our emotions, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of the marketing medium in triggering those feelings. Our emotions are intrinsically bound up with all our physical senses, which is giving rise to […]

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The Importance Of Sustainability In The Textile Industry

In this Q&A discussion, Simon Daplyn – Marketing Manager at Sensient Imaging Technologies – is joined by Felipe Simeoni, Marketing Manager at Global Química and Moda to discuss the challenges, and opportunities, facing the textile industry in the shift towards more sustainable ways of working. Expected to reach an estimated worth of $1,350.2 billion by […]

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Business Opportunities During Covid-19 For The Printing And Signage Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our industry. However, in any crisis, businesses are forced to adapt and find new opportunities. Many companies have had to innovate and have diversified their offerings to include various protective materials and products. The demand for personalisation and same day delivery is driving local production, reducing logistics costs and […]

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How To Restart Your Calendar Efficiently

Klieverik has shared useful information on restarting your calendar after it has been left standing idle. 1. Perform a visual inspection and make sure there is nothing on top of the machine or on the blanket that should not be there. 2. Grease the bearings, lubricate the drive chains, check the chain tension, and check […]

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The Role Of Wide Format Signage During Covid-19

Wide format signage has played a key role in delivering information and guidance signage to essential shops, public areas, hospitals and more during the pandemic. The digital print industry during the past few months was called upon to deliver this signage for Covid-19, and deliver it fast. From printing exhibition graphics, banners and POS signage, […]

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