Grasping An Ever Evolving Language In The World Of Digital Signage

In this article by Sean Matthews, president of software provider Visix, he says even if you’re a communications pro, it is very easy to make mistakes. There’s a long list of the most common errors in marketing copy today. Some of these might seem obvious, but they are still happening regularly in professional messaging. Reviewing […]

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Five Reasons To Choose Domed Labels

Domed labels are printed on adhesive paper and then cut according to personalised shape and size. A small quantity of resin is applied on them and once the resin becomes hard, a three-dimensional final effect is guaranteed. According to Flexa, if you want to boost your image and catch the attention of the crowd, you […]

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If The Customer Wins, Your Organisation Wins   

According to John Tschohl of the Service Quality Institute, when employees are empowered and given responsibility, they use their talents and skills to maximise the opportunities. Empowerment means every employee has to make fast decisions in favour of the customer. It’s important that we are honest and sincere in our efforts to service our customers. […]

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SAi Showcasing Innovations For Sign And Print Providers

SAi will exhibit its very latest packages that provide innovative added-value solutions that facilitate design to production operations and drive business growth for customers. The company will announce its new product innovations at the upcoming ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas from 24–26 April. Visitors will have the opportunity to partake in informative one-to-one […]

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Success Is Staring You Right In The Face

President and founder of the Service Quality Institute John Tschohl says even the most successful companies are in constant competition for business. What sets them apart often boils down to one factor: outstanding customer service. This article appears in Sign Africa Journal. Most firms in the world believe they provide awesome service. They are addicted […]

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GlobalData Illustrates Significance Of 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing (AM) has found its application in different sectors of the power industry, both in building prototypes and in mainstream production, leading to process simplification and operational efficiency. Contrasting to the prevalent manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing can produce components with complex geometries, consume fewer raw-materials, produce less waste, have reduced energy consumption and decreased […]

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3D Printing Webinar Reveals Business Trends

Massivit 3D, along with market intelligence firm IDC, recently hosted a webinar featuring Massivit 3D customer and Media Resources owner Steve Gallow, as well as IDC Analyst Tim Greene, who has been researching the large format business for the last 20 years. They highlighted the current top PSP business challenges (and practical tips to overcome them); and […]

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ISO 21632 For Calculating The Energy Usage Of Digital Printing

Laurel Brunner, Verdigris Project, says it’s got a long and clumsy title, but what ISO 21632 (Graphic technology — Determination of the energy consumption of digital printing devices including transitional and related modes) can do for the graphics industry has nothing to do with clumsiness. Far from it. This document will help make short run […]

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Sawgrass Outlines 2019 Trends To Grow A Sublimation Business

Jimmy Lamb, manager of education for Sawgrass, discusses trending products and designs in the dye sublimation space. ‘In 2018, we saw a range of trending substrates and applications that have generated enormous buzz and excitement among product decorators. Among them are sublimation transfer papers for cotton fabrics and dark colours, substrates that can stand up […]

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