Six Steps Employees Can Take To Solve Customers’ Problems

John Tschohl of the Service Quality Institute writes that there are several things that annoy customers, including not being understood, not being valued, not getting their money’s worth, and not being believed. When they have a complaint about a service or product, they want a satisfactory resolution. When a customer comes in to register a […]

2023-08-08T10:16:52+02:00Jul 28th, 2023|

The Impact Of 3D Printing In Aerospace

According to Massivit 3D, the rapidly evolving field of 3D printing could revolutionise the way aircrafts are designed and manufactured, driving new efficiencies and innovations in an industry known for its precision and technical sophistication. Aerospace manufacturing has always presented unique challenges. These include the need for precise, lightweight components, high costs of developing and […]

2023-07-31T16:16:37+02:00Jul 28th, 2023|

The Potential Of AI In Digital Signage Is Vast

Chris Keefe, chief product officer at Poppulo, writing for Digital Signage Today, says artificial intelligence (AI) has a multitude of uses, but one of the strongest is its potential to enable businesses to connect with their customers in new ways. From personalised ad targeting based on data-fed AI models to streamlining content creation processes and […]

2023-07-24T14:47:44+02:00Jul 21st, 2023|

How 3D Printing Can Enhance The Electric Vehicle Market

According to Massivit 3D, with the potential to enable faster market penetration of electric vehicles as a whole, it’s no wonder that 3D printing has taken such a vital role in this revolution. Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant popularity recently due to their efficiency and environmentally-friendly nature. One crucial aspect of EV advancements is […]

2023-07-24T14:46:06+02:00Jul 20th, 2023|

Tips For Laser Engraving And Cutting Wood

Trotec Laser provides useful tips for users to keep in mind when laser engraving and laser cutting wood. Material Preparation The sticky dust generated by the wood laser should also not stick to the engraving object. Simply glue an application tape onto the working surface. This serves as a short-term surface protection and can be […]

2023-07-24T14:45:47+02:00Jul 19th, 2023|

How Challenges In 3D Printing Present Opportunities

Massivit 3D outlines the relationship between Industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing, exploring how this technology is driving innovation and sustainability in the manufacturing sector. The company also discusses the role of academia-industry partnerships in advancing additive manufacturing, the impact of this technology on key industries, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Industry 4.0, […]

2023-07-17T09:29:30+02:00Jul 14th, 2023|

Which Types Of Wood Are Suitable For Laser Processing?

According to Trotec Laser, since wood is a natural material, the laser user has to consider various characteristics such as density and resin content during processing. The more uniform the colouring and grain of the wood, the better and more even the laser engraving. Soft Woods These types of woods, such as balsa wood or poplar, […]

2023-07-12T14:56:25+02:00Jul 11th, 2023|

How Digital Signage Enhances The Travel Experience

David Levin, CEO at Poppulo, writing for Digital Signage Today, said that in the realm of hospitality, where leisure travel is experiencing a resurgence, embracing the unexpected can transform a mere vacation into an extraordinary adventure. This is where digital signage emerges as a powerful catalyst, igniting the flame of spontaneous experiences and rekindling the […]

2023-07-10T16:55:56+02:00Jul 5th, 2023|

Ask Printers The Right Questions About Sustainable Operations And Offerings

Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Project writes that from the artisans with their sustainably harvested honey to producers of handmade kitsch, we should all be asking our partners and supply chains for details of environmental aspects and impacts. As we move more and more towards a ‘Do It Yourself’ model, the printing industry is gaining […]

2023-07-10T16:54:26+02:00Jul 4th, 2023|

Calculating Carbon The Right Way

According to Laurel Brunner of the Verdigris Project, the ISO 16759 document outlines requirements for calculating the carbon footprint of a print run and it was published in 2013. Since then it has done well with printers bold enough to take the plunge. And now, when it comes to services that implement the standard, ISO […]

2023-06-21T09:39:15+02:00Jun 18th, 2023|
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