Silk Screen Printing Vs. Heat Transfer Printing – Which Is More Efficient?

David Lee from Focus Label Machinery discusses the advantages of silk screen printing versus heat transfer printing. To select the most appropriate technique, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of both. What is silk screen printing? For decades, silk screen printing has been the first-choice method for creating printed apparel, but it can also be […]

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South Africa Being Represented In World Wrap Masters Europe

Up to 32 competitors will be competing in the FESPA World Wrap Masters Europe, the last qualifying event in a series of competitions held across the world. Joey-Lee Erasmus, who won the 2019 Roland Speed Wrap Challenge at the Sign Africa and FESPA Africa expos in Johannesburg, will compete in the competition.  Over the course […]

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Your Customer’s Brand Deserves Its Own Unique Colours

Dan Antonelli, writing for SignCraft Magazine, says that whenever he’s designing a new brand for a client, he’s always talking to them about the importance of owning their brand colours. I guess that in theory every company owns their brand colours, but the real question is: are they the sole owners of their brand colours? […]

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Successfully Applying Wall Graphics Requires A Proper Site Survey

According to Dave Newbery, Regional Sales Manager at Drytac Europe, wall graphics can all too often go wrong and sometimes very badly. This is due to the minefield that is different types of paint (particularly interior paints) and their compatibility with wall graphics products. Factors such as the incorrect face film and incorrect adhesive (including […]

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How 3D Digital Signage Will Transform Retail Spaces

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, there are a number of ways 3D technology is transforming retail spaces, such as immersive interactive content. One of the most common 3D digital signage tools is the endless aisle where customers can customise products digitally. ‘3D is already pervasive in retail. Nearly every major […]

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Trotec Showcasing Laser Solutions

Laser technology is used in a wide range of applications in shopfitting, and Trotec’s solutions are optimised for common POS materials such as acrylic or cardboard. Due to the possibility of ‘continuous operation’ of the SP series – realised with the Tandem Assist – and optimised laser settings, no reworking, such as flame polishing of […]

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Key Differences Between Laser Cutting And Knife Cutting

Randi Kerkaert, writing for Summa, says both laser and knife cutting should be regarded as complementary actions. If we break this thought down, we can state certain materials can only be cut by knives, and others by laser technology. Although both lasers and knives can cut a multitude of material types, in certain cases, due […]

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Evolving Retail Trends Provide Opportunities In Creative Retail Advertising For Print Shops

Ira Somers, writing for Massivit 3D, discusses retail advertising trends. The first is Retail As A Service (RaaS). What do Google Apps, Facebook, and Dropbox have in common? They’re all examples of Software as a Service (SaaS). Just as SaaS has seen software companies host and licence out their product for a specified period, RaaS similarly provides […]

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A Competitive Advantage Goes To Leaders That Get It Right

John Tschohl of the Service Quality Institute discusses leadership using four people who went through personal and financial difficulties but kept on looking forward to accomplishing their goals and making a difference. Their financial status is in the billions for each of them but, their goal was to ‘make a difference’ in people’s lives. Oracle […]

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Companies Are Making Efforts To Get Ink Certified

Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Project states that according to the European Printing Inks Federation, there are over one million different ink recipes used across the range of applications where ink plays a part. Manufacturers offer different formulas suited to different printing methods and in digital printing, the ink sets can differ from device to […]

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