Creating Museum Magic With 3D Printing

Nir Evanhaim, writing for Massivit 3D, discusses the role 3D printing can play when it comes to museums. A museum can be a truly magical place. Think about it as a place where great inspirations have materialised and come to life visually. Museums can simultaneously entertain and educate, making them a favourite for educators worldwide. […]

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Time Is Money With Dye Sublimation Or Disperse Dye Fixation

Klieverik shares information on getting the most out of running your heat press. When it comes to the time-management of your heat press, estimates about the number of seconds required for dye sublimation or fixation are only a rough indication of what is needed. This information is useful for the initial set up of the machine, […]

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The Transformative Effects Of Printable Wall Coverings

Neschen illustrates the efficiency and versatility of wall coverings, using case studies as examples. Whether in private homes or large scale commercial projects, a personalised interior design has never been in such high demand as it is today. For interior designers, shopfitters and booth builders, printable wall coverings offer a cost-efficient way of giving interiors […]

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Advancements In Large Format 3D Printing Provide Major Opportunity For Print Businesses

Ira Somers, writing for Massivit 3D, discusses some of the business tactics that successful and innovative print shops are implementing to not only stay afloat, but to keep ahead of the pack. According to Tim Greene, IDC’s Research Director for large format printing, 3D printing, and digital signage markets, print shops are looking for ways […]

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14 Advantages Of Digital Signage

Digital signage consists of a display unit — this might be LED, LCD, plasma or any similar technology — and it is strategically placed for marketing purposes. Digital signage varies in shape and size; it can be as small as a tablet or as big as a billboard. Units can display static images, video or […]

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Raising Environmental Awareness Within The Worldwide Graphics Industry

According to Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Project, why printers have been so reluctant to get with the sustainability programme is a bit puzzling. They only seem to recognise it when clients ask about what they are doing to improve sustainability and their capacity to deliver some sort of environmental sign off. As this generally […]

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Maintaining Sustainability In The Graphics Sector

Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Project has emphasised that – as far as the graphics industry is concerned – not much progress has been made concerning green business practices. These days interest in sustainability and reducing environmental impact appears to be high. At least it is amongst consumers and governments, but although lots of people […]

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Making Vehicles Stand Out With 3D Printing

Ira Somers, writing for Massivit 3D, explores the elements needed to effectively capture attention with 3D printing on fleet graphics, promotional vehicles and more. Promotional vehicles with car wrapping A ‘promotional vehicle’ can include cars, trucks, SUVs or bikes that promote a brand, business, product, or service. There are many creative ways to turn an ordinary […]

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Creating Effective Content For Touchscreen Kiosks

Qwick Media has shared steps for the successful deployment of touchscreen kiosks. These include visual stimulation, content stimulation, effective interaction and following the numbers. Self-service kiosks offer a great opportunity to engage directly with users through interactive or static content. Configuring each touchscreen kiosk to offer targeted content will give customers access to high-value information […]

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Tips For Working With Floor Graphics Films

According to Neschen, floors are ideal spaces for advertising, especially in stores. The company gives tips on how to maximise floor graphics to their full potential. Selecting the right adhesive strength For difficult surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, wood, carpet or paving stones, a high-tack solution is best because it ensures optimum adhesion. A high-tack […]

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