Printing And Signage Industry CEO’s Share Future Trends And How Businesses Can Navigate COVID-19

CEO’s from both the printing and signage industries shared ideas on how to navigate your businesses during and after these uncertain times in a webinar hosted by Sign Africa on 21 April. They shared best business practices, ideas on innovation, opportunities, changes; industry trends and much more. The webinar was moderated by Dyelan Copeland, Publisher […]

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Facts About Forestry, Recycling And Greenwashing Claims

According to Samantha Choles, Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa, we need to get the facts straight about paper and recycling and cut the greenwash. I recently drew cash at an ATM and was greeted with an on-screen message: ‘If everyone said no to a receipt just for one month, we would save 45 trees.’ […]

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Printing And Signage Industry CEO’s Sharing Future Trends And How Businesses Can Navigate COVID-19

Now is the time for businesses to reevaluate their processes; change their entire way of working, step up, innovate and find the opportunities where there seems to be none so they can not just survive this pandemic, but thrive going forward. How will they do this? CEO’s from both the printing and signage industries will […]

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SA 3D Printing Community Prints Face Shields To Prevent COVID-19 Spread

South African 3D printing enthusiasts heeded the call to print protective face shields for medical workers, with 5000 now printed, and more being manufactured. ‘This target was reached in an extremely short period of time due to our 3D community’s willingness to help and will go a long way in assisting South Africa to fight […]

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How Digital Signage Helps Retailers

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, digital signage can help out during these trying times by allowing retailers to stay in touch with their customers and provide the most important commodity of all: information. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, and as politicians pass measures to attempt to control it, many retailers […]

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Read The Latest Signage And Industry News In The Online Sign Africa Journal

The latest edition of Sign Africa Journal is online. The front cover story focuses on Altron Bytes Document Solutions (BDS), which will distribute Mutoh’s leading wide format digital printers in sub-Saharan Africa. This follows a partnership between Altron BDS and Mutoh distributor Mips Technologies. The companies’ combined expertise will expand the Mutoh brand even further […]

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Factors To Consider When Adopting Digital Inkjet For The First Time

It’s all very well identifying a need for digital printing in your operations, but should you be spending money on new machinery, or is choosing the right ink the main priority? For many, the printer carries the highest capital investment and so is the first step, but for others, the printhead drives the decision. Digital […]

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Keeping Printed Graphics Clean And Germ Free

Gardiner Graphics Supplies Europe have put together some handy tips so that those in key environments know how to best clean their laminated book covers, menus, printed signs and retail POS product whilst maintaining their quality and purpose. What is your laminate or printed graphic made from? To know the best way to disinfect your […]

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Calculating Print’s Carbon Footprint Is Increasing

Laurel Brunner from The Verdigris Project says we have ISO 16759 (Quantification and communication for calculating the carbon footprint of print media products), published in 2013 and reviewed in 2018. ISO 16759 specifies how to work out the carbon footprint of print, from books to labels, from transactional documents to packaging and everything in between. The […]

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Cutting Technology Can Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

As the Coronavirus is continuing to spread across the globe, Summa wants to use its resources to help to minimise the impact of the outbreak as much as possible.  Summa Demo Room transformed into a high-volume production area The Summa team is currently cutting thousands of mouth masks and surgical aprons with both Summa laser […]

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