In this video, JG Electronics trainer/technical support specialist Lentern Nkwane demonstrates how to sublimate a ceramic tile.


• Sublimation printer.
• Sublimation paper.
• Sublimation inks.
• Blank tile.
• Nomex pad.
• Heat tape.


1. Place items on top of each other: first the Nomex pad, then sublimation paper with image facing up, followed by the white side of the tile facing down.

2. Make sure everything is straight.

3. Apply heat tape on either side of tile, this ensures that all the items are held still.

4. Fahrenheit must be set at 360, and Celsius at 190.

5. Pressure applied should be medium.

6. Allow for six minutes.

7. Use gloves as the finished product will be hot.


– This particular application is for indoor application, as the sun will cause the image to fade within a few months.

– The sublimation process allows for printing on a wide range of materials including stone, name tags, metal, polyester, shopping bags, wood, mugs etc., with sublimation paper.

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