According to Trotec Laser, there are three commonly asked questions interested parties ask the company when investing in a laser engraver. 

1. To date, I have been working with an external service provider for laser engraving. Why should I buy a laser engraver?

Good business relationships are worth their weight in gold. The outsourcing of engraving costs you time and money as an entrepreneur. In addition, you give up some control over the quality of the end product. Once the quantities reach a critical threshold, you should integrate laser engraving and the income associated with it into your company. This makes you faster and more flexible for your customers. There is no additional logistical effort.

Many customers report that a switch to in-house production also increases the number of lasered products. Customers quickly recognise the possibilities of laser technology and, after a short time, they begin to use a wide variety of materials. The purchased laser engraver becomes a sure-fire success.

2. I work with a mechanical engraving machine. What are the advantages of buying a laser engraver?

Every entrepreneur wants to make their business future-proof, so it makes sense to offer different technologies. It is one way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Every technology has its legitimate application. The laser machine can optimally complement a mechanical engraving machine and offer new possibilities.

Laser engraving offers many advantages: even the finest details of logos or photos can be engraved or cut. The laser machine is a universal tool for all materials, you do not need any additional tools. You also do not need to clamp the material because laser processing is non-contact. This saves time.

3. There is already a company in my region that offers laser engraving. Is that a problem?

No. The demand for products with personalisation is constantly increasing. There is a good reason why individualisation is one of the mega trends. Laser engraved products are high-quality and are recognised as such by the customer. The possibilities with a laser engraver are varied. If you have new ideas and a good business model, you should not be afraid of the competition.