Chemosol will showcase a range of printing solutions at the upcoming Sign Africa Durban Expo, taking place 16-17 March 2022 at the Durban ICC.

Epson sublimation printing solutions

Significantly reduce downtime and minimise the risk of errors with user-friendly, colour-coded 140ml ink bottles. What’s more, with both the SC-F500 and SC-F501, users can replenish the ink while printing.


Because of its compact size, the SC-F100 is the ideal choice where space is limited, such as on shop counters. Its small A4-sized footprint is especially suitable for start-up and smaller businesses. Paper size: A4. Ink: four colours (C,M,Y,K).

SC-F500 and SC-F501 

The printers have easy to use touch panels and allow users to easily access all the operational information they need using the intuitive touchscreen, even while wearing gloves.

Its anti-dust design prevents dust getting into the printer, avoiding misprints from nozzle clogging and reducing time-consuming cleaning cycles, even in dusty environments.

Bright colour choices help create eye-catching designs that stand out from the competition. With the SC-F501, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink inks are available, which can be used on safety gear. The onboard head guard prevents the delays and costs caused by a media crash with the printhead.

Ideal for producing small promotional goods on hard substrates and textiles, the SureColor SC-F500, SC-F501 and SC-F100 are compact dye sublimation printers that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

The range of innovative Epson products is designed with the user in mind. Through a continuous dialogue with customers, they understand what’s important to them and ensure that the development and manufacture of their products meets users’ needs.

Epson’s core technologies are designed to work together seamlessly to deliver high-quality, reliable results. For extra reassurance, they also provide a one-year warranty.

Epson SureColor SC-F2100

The SureColor SC-F2100 offers a complete DTG package for designing and printing T-shirts, polo shirts, tote bags and other fabric items.

The SureColor SC-F2100 direct-to-garment printer lets users set up and start printing T-shirts and other items straight away, with a complete solution including printer, printhead, inks and software. This new model offers faster, higher quality printing, with reduced intervention and the ability to create your own designs.

The SC-F2100 is part of a complete Epson DTG solution that includes printer, printhead, ink, software and warranty, meaning users can be assured that all parts have been designed and extensively tested to work optimally together. The printer offers speedier results than earlier models, with additional fast print modes and improved ink circulation for quicker start-up. Plus it incorporates improved screening for smoother reproduction of images and a wider gamut.

Garment Creator software allows users to add text and multiple images, create user presets for image adjustment, and provides a hot folder and CMYK image support.

The SC-F2100 has an auto-maintenance mode with a separate cleaning cartridge to substantially reduce scheduled maintenance, as well as a dust catcher to prevent fluff and dust on the printhead. It comes with an optional fabric platen grip pad and platen grip tool to make garment placement easier.

Epson’s UltraChrome DG Inks are supplied in 600ml cartridges, and offer vivid colours and tough, crack-resistant white ink for printing on dark fabrics. White ink is circulated within the printer to reduce clogging. Epson’s UltraChrome DG ink has been awarded an ECO PASSPORT certification from OEKO-TEX®. Ink: Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and White.

Hanrun Paper® PRO-A600 DTF printer (4 printheads)

Chemosol Showcasing Solutions In Sublimation, Heat Presses And More At Sign Africa Durban Expo

This printer is developed for customers who pursue high quality and mass production. The print size is 60cm (24 inches). It works on both white and dark textiles, with a variety of fabric styles (cotton, poly, blends, high-temperature resistance leathers, denim, and more).

Features include: higher continuous printing stability and fine detail; larger width; 30%-50% better productivity than the EVO series; better software compatibility; longer warranty time and more gift accessories.

It works on both white and dark textiles and works with a variety of fabric styles (cotton, poly blends, leather, denim and more).

CY-G3 heat press

The press has an electronic automatic magnetic drawer and is a high pressure heat press. When ready, the heat plate will open automatically. It saves on labour and is safe. Work size: 60 x 40cm.

CY-M022 single mug press

The press is lightweight and portable, for use at malls, flea markets, shows, and more and features fully digital 2-in-1 temperature and time control. It has easy pressure adjustment, a solid steel welded framework, digital control and easy to adjust pressure.

8-in-1 multifunction combo heat press machine

This machine features advanced 2-in-1 temperature/time control which is safer, more accurate and practical. The heating plate and working face are constructed with pure aluminium, which tends to not twist easily under pressure and provides a longer product lifetime than those made of metal. It can apply transfers and images to T-shirts, garments, bags, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, mugs, plates and caps.

• Cloths press: 38 x 38cm.
• Hat/cap press: 8 x 15cm.
• Mug press: 81mm, 75mm.
• Conical mug press: 9cm/11cm diameter.
• Plate press: 12.5cm, 15.5cm.

Sign Africa Durban is sponsored by Roland and Stixo and entrance from 16-17 March from 9am-5pm is free, please register online.

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