Exion Corp will showcase the latest versions of its 3D printers, exclusively designed for channel letters, at the upcoming Sign Africa Durban Expo, taking place from 16-17 March 2022 at the Durban ICC.

There are two printing sizes of the BlackRhino 3D printers, the bigger one is 780 x 780mm x 60mm, and the smaller one is 580mm x 580mm x 60mm. Both use drop-on-demand technology.

The company have established that the minimum printing size must be 550mm x 550mm. The print material, otherwise known as filament, is made up polylactic acid (or polylactide).

Its first 3D printer was introduced in 2016, but due to various challenges, the company was not confident to give it the Exion stamp of approval. Exion Corp is now proud to release these products after working through its own trials and errors.

‘There are still limitations in plastic and limitations in that it still takes a lot of time, but with letters of about 200mm to 300mm you can get good results using these 3D printers,’ said Exion Corp MD, Jay Kim.

‘In my opinion, 3D software is the most difficult part for beginners to access 3D printers. Even though there is great 3D software such as Fusion 360, it is not easy for beginners to learn, or in the case of small business sign makers, they simply do not have the time, and the price is also a burden. We have built-in software that can easily create 3D letters with files from CorelDRAW or Illustrator, making it easy for anyone to access,’ explained Cedric Pillay, COO at Exion Corp.

Sign Africa Durban is sponsored by Roland and Stixo and entrance from 16-17 March from 9am-5pm is free, please register online.

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