According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, one of the most important tactics to stay afloat is to maintain good communication with customers, so that they understand all of the guidelines and how your company is keeping them safe. Digital signage can help with that task.

‘This pandemic has illuminated the fact that digital signage isn’t just window-dressing – it’s a vital communications lifeline,’ said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign.

How can retailers and other businesses ensure the health of workers and customers while maintaining a positive customer experience?

Keeping your distance

First and foremost, digital signage can help remind employees and customers to keep their distance while in the store.

‘Now more than ever, digital signage provides a vital link connecting businesses to their employees and customers. Social distancing and hygiene compliance in the workplace are key considerations for businesses trying to resume more normal levels of activity,’ said Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug. ‘Health guidelines change frequently, which underscores the importance of digital signage to deliver accurate, timely information to keep people safe.’

Some companies are using dynamic digital signage to help with this process. For example, Phillips released a social distancing digital signage entrance solution, which can let customers know when it is safe to enter a building. It can also integrate with automatic doors to stay open or shut based on capacity.

BrightSign also launched its BlueFox Count app, where a sensor detects the existence of a mobile phone and counts that as one person, and can trigger content accordingly at an entrance.

‘Depending on the total count detected, the BrightSign player is triggered to display various messages on the screen at an entrance such as ‘Please wait, the store is at its maximum capacity now’ or ‘Please come in, we are only at 38% of maximum occupancy,’ Hastings said.

Touch-less experience

Many users are beginning to baulk at touchscreens, especially if there is no evidence the touchscreen is being cleaned between uses. Digital signage can deliver touch-less experiences while still maintaining interactivity.

For example, BrightSign recently introduced BrightVoice, which enables voice commands for displays. Both BrightSign and Enplug have also rolled out features that allow users to interact directly with displays using their phones, rather than touching a screen.

‘We recently introduced two new solutions aimed at helping businesses ensure the health and safety of their patrons as these businesses return to normal,’ Hastings said. ‘These include a new solution that lets diners view a restaurant’s menu on their phones, and another solution that enables customers to view and even control interactive digital signage with their phones.’

The bottom line

The most important element in all of this, according to those interviewed, is that retailers stay focused on the safety and health of their customers and employees. That, they say, is the only real way to help ensure a good customer experience.

‘Invest in tools and technology that ensure your stakeholders’ health and safety. Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s essential to use a digital signage solution that’s capable of quickly making updates and overriding scheduled content when necessary,’ Liu said. ‘Health guidance and other public safety information can change quickly, and rapidly disseminating timely, accurate information is essential to keep employees and customers safe.’

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