Following the Sign Africa Expo in Cape Town, Exion Corp installed a 2500 x 1300mm Black Rhino CNC machine, with mixed servo motors and a 4.5kW air cooled spindle, at PSS Sev7n Signs & Branding.

Exion’s Black Rhino CNC machine can be customised according to the client’s specifications and requirements. It is useful for signage companies and also for furniture and shop fitting industries. The Black Rhino cuts and engraves with ease on a number of different materials such as acrylic, ACM, aluminium and more.

Installation and training took place within three hours. The company’s co-owner, Eugene Knoetze, and his team were quick to learn the operation of the machine, which went into action almost immediately.

‘Usually, in this machine’s size and price range, the spindle motor is cooled by water cooling, but our machine is equipped with an air-cooled spindle motor to relieve anxiety by replacing and managing water leaks periodically,’ said Exion Corp managing director, Jay Kim.

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Contact Person: Jay Kim