According to Signarama, your business’s signs often serve as the primary link between you and potential customers, which is why it needs to be as eye-catching as possible to be effective.

Signage is an important part of your business’s overall marketing strategy. Not only does it attract attention to your business or store 24/7, but it reinforces your brand by ensuring that passers-by notice and start to recognise your company logo, colours, etc. Signage can also be used to provide important information about your business or temporary promotions.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are five reasons why every business needs signage:

1. Signage attracts new clients

If your business’s signage is done effectively, it will lead new clients to your door. Often, when asked ‘Where did you hear about us?’, clients will say that they saw your branding and signage and that it encouraged them to find out more about your business. Best of all, signs market your brand for you all day, 365 days a year.

2. Signage will grow your business

About 50% of customers walking into your store do so after seeing some sort of sign informing them about your brand. In a market that is as competitive as South Africa, being more noticeable matters.

3. It can help draw attention to promotions

Clever and attractive signage is a great way of making people aware of temporary or seasonal promotions on offer. This can often lead to impulse sales, which will boost your business’s sales revenue.

4. It can aid in reinforcing your brand

Signage can help reinforce your brand as more and more people will start recognising your brand, logo and colours. This is especially important if you run a small, local business – having attractive signage allows for the community around you to become aware of and better identify with your brand.

5. Signs are a cost-effective marketing strategy

For some, the initial set up of signage may seem expensive. But, once your installation is complete, your signs will be marketing your brand 24 hours a day, and if professionally done, there won’t be any other major expenses. Therefore, the right signage can be one of your most cost-effective marketing mediums.

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