Omega-Skinz wrapping film is a very soft flexible self-adhesive cast film that is 3D deformable with heat. Omega-Skinz deforms very easily in both concave and over convex surfaces, such as bulges and corners, kinks and indents of vehicles. It features extra colour depth and appearance.

Grafityp recently introduced three new Omega-Skinz colours: Demolition Dark, Luxury White and Doctor Thunder. On top of that, the company presented its latest carbon fibre film: Dionero.

LAMPVF is a transparent semi-glossy co-extruded polyvinyl-fluoride (PVF) anti-graffiti laminate. Grafityp also introduced an improved LAMPVF, an anti-graffiti laminate users can apply to trains and other vehicles, making them easy to clean. The products were showcased at the recent FESPA Global Expo.

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