Erebus Motorsport recently lifted the covers on the Coca-Cola livery that its muscular-looking Camaros would be wearing. Despite backing the Melbourne-based team since 2019, it’s something of a renaissance for Coca-Cola in amplifying its involvement by taking the naming-rights. 

The Supercars Championship in Australia could never be accused of lacking a sense of spectacle and occasion but thanks to Coca-Cola bringing its colours blazing back to headline prominence for Supercars in 2023, the series is going to look more energised and dynamic than ever.

With elements reflecting Coca-Cola’s casual and yet tightly-defined ‘swoosh,’ the car looks like it is ripping up ground at 100+ without even turning a wheel. It’s manifestly a Coca-Cola car and yet it succeeds in giving others in the team’s sponsorship entourage a share-of-the air. It’s purposeful, more than a little intimidating, and it couldn’t be more fit-for-purpose if it tried.

The cars flew the flag for Coca-Cola Racing by Erebus when they took to the track in anger for the first time in February this year. It’s been quite the journey getting there with all sorts of challenges getting the Gen3 cars race-ready. Under the colourful livery is a major engineering and development effort in the flesh. It’s no casual outing for a few laps – the team is in the business of winning.

The design of the livery was prescribed to a very tightly regulated layout centred around Coca-Cola’s universally recognised ID. The job of turning it into practical and reproducible wraps fell to Metamark’s Wrap-Master in the region, Matt Horne of Melbourne-based Wrap Studio. Horne’s not only a very skilled and experienced livery graphics professional, he teaches using Metamark materials too, helping to flatten wrapping’s learning curve for many.

Horne worked with Metamark’s MM-CCG colour change wrapping material in red to establish the base elements on the black PPG car underneath. The MetaGlide Adhesive System featured on this premium wrapping film makes the application easier and faster thanks to the product’s benign handling and repositionable characteristics. Livery details are rendered in Metamark M7, cut and flawlessly applied.

When the team cars hit the track, they wore identical liveries to the reveal car using MetaCast MDC. MDC is Metamark’s premium cast wrapping film and, thanks to its MD-Class digital print credentials, the full potency of the specified colours flatter the amazing design and make the cars instantly recognisable.