DB Flextension, a division of DB Signs, has widened its range of extrusions. Patented, cut with a router and extruded, the products accommodate a number of applications including billboards, lightboxes, containers, wall displays, truck sides, trailers and car ports. The company will showcase these solutions at the Sign Africa and FESPA Africa expo, taking place from 11-13 September at Gallagher Convention Centre. 

The new DB Rigid Sign Frame has been designed exclusively for materials such as Di-Bond and Perspex, is manufactured out of dot-matrix material, and can provide for 12V edge-lit signage. Made for indoor applications, the DB Rigid Sign Frame also has the option of including joining corners. There is also space inside the extrusion for small transformers, and it can accommodate double or single sided signage.

Also new is the DB Flex Frame Bottom Lip. It includes a 25mm square tubing frame with the extrusion, and can be cut to size and/or welded. Corners are available to include on the overall product. A ‘lip’ on the side allows for a blade to fit into the sides and cut out excess material.

A range of similar products are available, including:

Flex-Master for PVC or aluminium

Flex-Master (for aluminium) is used to build sign frames, is cost-efficient and can be used for namely truck sides. Its counterpart, Flex-Master for PVC, is offered in black and white and is ideally suited for truck sides.


Flexible for change-overs and is re-usable. The extrusion can simply be clipped over old sign frames once the sign – e.g Chromadek – has been removed. The old frame can then be left alone and the Y-section simply clipped over.

Alu-Light Duty

Used mostly for IBR sheeting without sub-frames, and much lighter than other extrusions in the range. Ideal for truck sides, big buildings and shipping containers.

Alu-Heavy Duty

Designed for very strong winds, and as such is very suitable for Cape Town clients. It can accommodate fabric or Perspex materials and 100m lightboxes, and is water-proof and dust-proof.

Pylon extrusions

For Perspex, Chromadek and nylon. Like all other extrusions in the range, it can be cut to the desired size, and common applications include directional signs (such as doctor’s rooms).

100mm lightbox

For fabric or Perspex. The product accommodates double sided or single sided applications.

Entrance is free. For more information, and to pre-register online, please visit: www.signafricaexpo.com or www.fespaafrica.com

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