Ira Somers, writing for Massivit 3D, says that 3D printing offers print shops and fabricators the opportunity to deliver to their clients any design or shape they can imagine. Print shops that incorporate large 3D printing services can say yes to jobs that shops without a 3D printer must turn down.

Event props can bring in big business. There is a world of corporate event planners, exhibition fabricators and brand marketers who require captivating one-off props to pump up the vibe. These event organisers are always thirsty for new ways to engage their audience. 3D printing makes it possible to create anything a corporate client or advertising agency dreams up, from big event props to, well, everything.

Unique logos that look great on stationery but would be impossible to create in 3D for, say, a sign, an event, or a tradeshow, can be 3D printed. Characters, iconic figures, and images from a brand’s current advertising campaign can be brought to incredibly-impressive life if 3D printed in exact, giant form. Even if a client or prospect calls with a crazy request for a big event prop or scenic background, print shops who have incorporated large 3D printing can say, ‘Yes!’

The possibilities are endless

Add Augmented Reality or projection mapping

Why just settle at big event props when you can add interactive elements? SID Installation Art was commissioned by Remake Works Co. and the One Piece Mugiwara store in Taiwan to 3D print 24 famous characters for the One Piece 20th anniversary celebration. The larger-than-life characters allowed diehard fans to finally get close to the cartoon characters they love. But SID Installation Art didn’t stop there. They created augmented reality scenes for fans to enjoy when experiencing the exhibits through the lens of their phones.

Projection mapping is another way to bring big event props to life for consumers, attendees, or participants at an event. Adaequo transported their VIP attendees at a corporate event to another world with this breathtaking projection mapping show. It was the cherry on top of an exquisite evening for everybody, and it further demonstrated the diverse and entertaining uses of 3D printed objects.


A 3D printed sculpture stole the spotlight among Lamborghinis and Bentleys at the 2019 International Automobile Festival in Paris. For decades, designer Takumi Yamamoto dreamt of bringing this idea to reality, as a tribute to his longtime idol, rocker David Bowie. It was only after Yamamoto met Marie 3D and their large format 3D printer that production began. With projection mapping to the tunes of Queen with David Bowie, the 3D printed Portrait of db became a must-see attraction that wowed attendees.

Artist Eyal Gever turned to large 3D printing to save him thousands of dollars and many days of travel. ES Digital 3D printed a miniature replica of a gigantic event prop. The prop was a real castle in Germany. Eyal is a mulit-faceted digital artist with extensive projection mapping experience. The mini (but still large) version of the castle allowed Eyal to create his art in his own studio.

For larger objects, it’s easy to bond pieces together for an unlimited size. Adaequo 3D printed this 3m (9.8 feet) tall alien for a corporate event. Everybody wanted their photo taken with it.

Freeman specialises in creating trade show booths. This 3.6m (12 feet) tall rose was installed at the creative symposium, Adobe MAX 2019 expo.

Using 3D printing to make event props

3D printed objects can be created from scratch or based on an image or scanned from a physical object. This is how Deko 3D created a life-size 3D printed female soccer player for the most famous international female soccer tournament.

Engagement: this is what brands want

Another benefit of being able to create any character, object, or shape is the ability to get consumers to engage with a brand. SkiDeal wanted to enhance their annual weekend ski event. What better way to further engage participants than with giant event props?

Skiers climbed into a 2.3m (7.5 feet) ski boot and posed for photos with giant goggles and more. These event props, created by Metropole and Marie 3D solidified the attendees’ experience on the mountain with memorable—and unique—photos from the event. Of course the images made the rounds on social media, increasing brand awareness and thrilling the client.

Metropole enthralled fans with a 3D print of the famous and endeared French character, Corto Maltese. He sat on a bench in a Paris railway station for a month-long event. Countless commuters excitedly lined up to take photos with the life-size character from their childhood. This selfie point was a surprise that became a highlight of many people’s day.

3D printing at exhibition events and tradeshows

3D printing takes trade show stands to the new level. Xclusive 3D printed the well-toned giant ‘holding up’ the roof of this tradeshow booth. This huge prop attracted eyes, and loads of attendees, to the booth.

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