Many people disregard the importance of staff training in the printing industry, especially at the lower end of the company hierarchy. This, however, is where staff training can add the most benefit.

By investing in and empowering staff, business owners do not only equip them with the skills necessary to carry out more duties around the business, but it is also a massive morale booster. Printing SA is offering a wide variety of industry-recognised courses:

Introduction course:

– Foundation learning programme.
– FLC English communications.
– FLC Math literacy.
– Printing and packaging industry programme.
– Occupational Health and Safety programmes.
– Work Life Orientation programmes.
– Introduction to printing course (ID2).
– Technical courses.

Technical Courses

– Technical theoretical modules (TT1, 2 and 3).
– Instructing the Modular Way (IMW).
– Guillotine operator skills programme.
– Folding machine operator skills programme.
– Commercial digital printer programme.

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