Printing SA has signed its first ever long-term sponsorship agreement with Agility Health for the next 12 months. Agility Health is a forward-thinking organisation that values affordability, value for money and innovation by providing integrated administration and risk management services to medical schemes in the print industry. 

For the past 12 months, Printing SA has been working on a model for its members that includes exclusive platforms to offer marketing and advertising opportunities. As Printing SA rely heavily on its members’ support in order to advance the sustainability of the industry, through its conferring, consulting, campaigning and training, it sees these partnerships as conduits that will assist it in providing the funding to meet its mandate as the industry body.

Printing SA marketing manager Abisha Katerere said, ‘This is truly a milestone in the history of the federation, where we can now actually provide our members with platforms that weren’t otherwise available in the past, to leverage off of our brand, in order to increase their visibility by using our channels.’

The organisation will continue to find opportunities for more of its members to enjoy the benefits of such partnerships and hope that more of its members will take them up on this offering in the near future. Agility Health, an associate member of Printing SA, provides integrated administration and risk management services to medical schemes. Agility Health is currently the administrator for Health Squared, which is a merger between Spectramed Medical Scheme (Spectramed) and Resolution Health Medical Scheme (Resolution Health).

Spectramed has been a longstanding member of Printing SA with former Printing SA CEO Steve Thobela having served as chairman of the board during his time at the federation as well as a number of Printing SA members having been members of their group scheme over the years.

Printing SA CEO, Dr Abdool Majid Mahomed said, ’This sponsorship has ushered in a new chapter in the next normal, where strategic partnerships have changed paradigms, and collaboration is intrinsic to survival.’

For more information on sponsorship packages available please click here or contact Abisha Katerere at and visit to view their new website and member benefits and services.

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