Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) recently hosted a webinar that outlined reasons to start selling promotional items, and how this industry could be a whole new revenue stream for businesses.

Kevin McGee, Senior Account Executive at ASI, hosted the webinar. He said that now is a good time to get into the business of promotional products, due to this market having shown resilience in tough times (before and after Covid-19), as well as the sudden surge in demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

A multi-billion dollar industry, promotional products are considered a highly rewarded form of advertising due to longer shelf life. Promotional products are things people hold onto, and hence create impressions on a scale comparable to TV, radio and the internet.

McGee outlined the following during the webinar:

Top 5 reasons to sell promotional products:

– Low cost marketing strategy.
– It is a resilient industry.
– Allows you to become a one-stop shop for customers that need new marketing.
– Almost everyone is in need of promotional products due to changing landscape.
– Promo acts as an additional revenue stream for your business.

The top 10 PP items include: face masks, hand sanitiser, masks, pens, bandanas, face shields, reusable masks, cotton masks and no touch tools. Other top trending products include: volley balls, cotton T-shirts, insulated coolers, golf accessories, drawstring bags, bicycle accessories, compasses and camp shirts.

Top markets/buyers:

– Education: colleges, universities and schools.
– Healthcare: hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapists, dentists and pharmacies.
– Retail: malls and stores.

Questions to ask your customers:

– How do you market your business?
– Do you take part in trade shows?
– How do you thank customers for referrals?
– Are you involved in sponsoring/charity events?
– How do you thank customers and employees around the holidays?

A recording of the webinar is available here.

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