The latest edition of Sign Africa Journal is online. The front cover story focuses on Kalideck Antalis South Africa, and its recently unveiled Kalideck Experience Centre, which offers customers a complete experience of the company’s latest technology in digital grand and wide format printing, finishing, litho prepress and green packaging solutions.

Other features include:
Why a laser fits so well in a sign shop

A laser lets you do so much more in a sign shop. It complements both the tools you have and the work that you do really well.

Emphasis on quality in sublimated products

While a sublimated product can stop people in their tracks, warm hearts and make memories that last a lifetime, the quality of the print is what matters most.

Pulp fact, not fiction

The world of packaging is changing. The hedonistic throw away culture of years gone by, where plastic was king, is already a fading memory. The future sees a rejection of the practices that poison our oceans and contaminate our land for generations, instead favouring the recyclable and the sustainable.

Tooling materials for vacuum forming

Formech delves into the secrets of vacuum forming for those who are new to the process or those who are already ‘Grand Masters’ but are just interested in how things are made.

How to take advantage of your large format signs

Indoor and outdoor advertising are a basic part of advertising, in most cases you use large format printing. Currently, different techniques and different types of materials have been developed to make these advertising campaigns more creative.

2018 Sign Africa and FESPA Africa expo review

The FESPA Africa and Sign Africa Expo, held recently at Gallagher Convention Centre, was a major success. The event attracted 6494 visitors in total, with 5907 unique visits – an increase from 5839 in 2017 – as well as 587 revisits.

Deinking plastics

Despite all the excitement about cutting out plastic, it’s unrealistic to think that all printed plastics will disappear. However, it’s not unrealistic to start thinking about improved collection and recycling models for them. This is a massive problem and one that impacts printers in the sign and display and packaging sectors particularly.

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