Sign Africa is looking for ‘How-To’ educational video content, detailing step-by-step processes related to the signage and printing industry. The videos focus on processes, not products.

Examples of some topics used for past videos include:

•How To Laminate And Mount Wide Format Materials.
•How To Engrave And Cut Wood With A Laser.
•How To Bend And Weld Stainless Steel Channel Letters.

Special equipment is not required – most smartphones take really good videos. You are also welcome to send us videos from the brands you represent, provided these companies give permission for these to be used.

Content guidelines:
• Needs to be eductional and not a company punt or product advertising.
• Must educate readers on a step-by-step process relevant to print.
• Subtitles can be used. Please ensure the font and colour is easy to read and not obstructing important footage. We recommend white text with a black outline or white text on a black bar background.
• Choose a clean, easy to read font for the subtitles.
• Subtitles should also be no longer than three lines and should be displayed long enough so that it is easy to read.
• Company branding can be present in the background but not distracting or flashing.
• No special offers or advertising on display.
• Music backtrack can be used. Please ensure that it is licence free.

Filming tips:
• No background noise.
• Good lighting.
• Use a microphone or ensure that the spokesperson can be heard clearly on the video.
• Use a tripod or gimble if possible.

General guidelines
• Length: 3-5 minutes is a guideline. Not longer. However if the steps are covered in a shorter time, that is suitable.
• File format: MPEG 4 or MP4
• File size: 150-200MB

If your company has an idea for an educational video on a product or service related to the signage and print industry, send your details to