Reasons To Switch To Digital Finishing Solutions

According to Frank Adegeest, Kongsberg VP Product Strategy and Business Process, historically, hand finishing was always seen as a sign of quality – and is still seen as such in many markets. But in today’s demanding, fast-paced world of sign, display and even packaging, demand means that the care and attention of hand finishing is not sustainable for a [...]

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Roland Announces Design Competition Winners

491 creatives submitted high powered, energetic and impactful art for Roland’s design competition. Entrants were asked to light their fellow creatives’ spirit and celebrate Roland’s 32 years of liberating creatives to take charge of their destiny. The logo and theme needed to be designed around and embody the theme: ‘Born Free…Stay Free! Live Free or […]

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Calling All Creatives: Start A Design Riot With The Roland Design Competition

Roland needs your art for their latest design competition, where it will be used to create a positive and more upbeat society over the coming year. The design competition is open to any artist. Creatives have until midnight on 8 September to submit their designs.  The company is offering R50,000 for you to light your […]

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Designers Need To Create Sustainable Printing Projects

According to Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Project, designers need to think about the environment when planning media projects. The guiding principle should be to work with the environment and to be aware of all aspects of the project that could have an environmental impact.  This is especially important in the context of deinking and […]

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