Trotec Laser South Africa Displaying Laser Solutions At Sign Africa Mbombela Expo

Trotec will showcase its Rayjet 50 and Speedy 400 solutions at the upcoming Sign Africa Expo, taking place on 22 February at Emnotweni Arena in Mbombela. Use the Rayjet to process plastic, glass, stone, awards, executive gifts, wooden products, signs and crafts. These applications only scratch the surface of what users can do with the Rayjet. […]

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Perfect Laser Showcased CO2 Laser Machine, UV Laser And More At Graphics, Print And Sign Expo

Perfect Laser showcased its CO2 laser machine, CNC router, eco-solvent printer and UV laser solutions at the Graphics, Print and Sign Expo, which ran from 14-16 September at the Gallagher Convention Centre. The PLT-3040 CO2 laser machine can cut and engrave quickly and accurately. Perfect for small-scale production, it can cut materials such as: MDF, […]

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See Laser Cutting And Engraving Solutions At The Graphics, Print And Sign Expo

According to Trotec Laser, laser engraving offers many advantages as even the finest details of logos or photos can be engraved or cut. The laser machine is a universal tool for all materials, you do not need any additional tools. You also do not need to clamp the material because laser processing is non-contact. This […]

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Enter The Maxlaser And Sign Africa Laser Art Competition

Stand a chance to win a HEXA laser machine worth R120,000, plus great exposure for your business, by entering the Maxlaser and Sign Africa Laser_Art Competition to showcase what is possible with a laser machine. Are you the most artistic laser maker in South Africa? Your art piece can be a constructed toy, light shade, wall décor, layered […]

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MaxLaser Exhibiting Latest Laser Machines At Sign Africa Bloemfontein Expo

MaxLaser will showcase their Flux laser machines, MaxLaser fibre laser, Odin22 Thunder Laser, handheld inkjet printers, rubber stamps and laser supplies at the Sign Africa Bloemfontein Expo, which will be held on 10 February at Ilanga Estate. The Odin22 Thunder laser engraving and cutting machine is fitted with a 30 Watt metal laser tube; features hybrid servo motors and a 559 [...]

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Key Tips For Laser Machine Maintenance

According to GCC, if you examine your laser engraving/cutting machine only when it has started malfunctioning, you will lose valuable time and effort that is spent trying to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Therefore, it is always a good idea to regularly follow the maintenance manuals and make sure you use quality machine parts. Here are some basic maintenance [...]

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Trotec Showcasing Laser Solutions

Laser technology is used in a wide range of applications in shopfitting, and Trotec’s solutions are optimised for common POS materials such as acrylic or cardboard. Due to the possibility of ‘continuous operation’ of the SP series – realised with the Tandem Assist – and optimised laser settings, no reworking, such as flame polishing of […]

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Trotec Laser South Africa Launching New Laser Marker At Sign Africa And FESPA Africa Expo

Trotec is launching a brand new laser marker, the U300, with a marking area of up to 190 x 190mm at the Sign Africa and FESPA Africa Expo, taking place from 11-13 September at Gallagher Convention Centre. It has been developed to produce small markings on plastics and metals in the shortest times. With the […]

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Why A Laser Fits So Well In A Sign Shop

‘I remember reading,’ says John Ralph of Quail Run Signs, ‘where someone said that it’s hard to build a business around the laser in most areas, because the market just isn’t that large yet. He went on to say that you can successfully use a laser in almost any sign shop in almost any market to increase your sales. That [...]

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