Dye Sublimation As An Additional Revenue Stream For Large Format Print Shops

According to SAi, dye sublimation printing, traditionally the preserve of specialist printers producing textiles, T-shirts and novelty items, is a process that uses inks that are vapourised during transfer to the final substrate. The resultant images are colour-rich, vibrant and long-lasting. Dye sublimation printing can be done direct to the final polymer coated substrate, or […]

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Vic Bay Showcasing Apparel Product Range At Sign Africa Bloemfontein Expo

The Vic Bay apparel product range has been designed to meet the demands of the promotional market, with styles including T-shirts, polo’s and hoodies in over 24 varied colours. The company will exhibit its products at the upcoming Sign Africa Bloemfontein expo, which will be held on 12 February at Ilanga Estate. The company’s most […]

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Textile Video Series: Printing On Dark Colours

In this video, T-shirt printing industry veteran Charlie Taublieb demonstrates how to screen print on a dark colour, using six colours. Summary: • Take dark colour T-shirt, drape and slide onto carousel. • Start out with base white (two print strokes). • Flash dry for 10-12 seconds. • Tip: stacking colours creates a dimensional effect. […]

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