CNC PME Showcasing Laser Cutting Solutions At Sign Africa Gauteng Expo

CNC Professional Machine and Engineering is showcasing its 1390N Laser Cutter and Engraver, as well as its C24 and C48 Foison Vinyl Cutter at the upcoming Sign Africa Gauteng Expo, taking place from 21-23 April at Emperors Palace Convention Centre, Centre Court. The event will comply with current Covid-19 regulations to keep visitors and exhibitors safe. Entrance is free, please register online. 1390N laser cutter [...]

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Speed Wrap Winner Crowned At Sign Africa Bloemfontein Expo

Enoch Africa from SignRite was announced as the winner of the Bloemfontein Roland Speed Wrap Challenge, held on 12 February at Ilanga Estate. He won R3500. Gerrie Venter from SignRite was placed second, winning R1750, and Werner Jansen from Hegmo Hla Nu came third, winning R1000. Contestants had to race against the clock to wrap a […]

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Think Of Vinyl Like A Pizza

According to Gardiner Graphics Supplies Europe, vinyl is very much like a pizza. Take these three types of display vinyl: monomeric, polymeric and cast. All three are polyvinyl chloride – the vinyl we know as PVC – and contain similar ingredients, but the quality of those ingredients and how they are created make all the […]

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Vinyl Cutting Camera Vs. Sensor Technology: Which Is Better?

According to Summa, in today’s market, you have a choice between camera-based and sensor-based optical recognition. People often tend to assume cameras are faster than sensors. Generally spoken, this is true. However, this is not the full story. Sensor-based recognition technology First, we would like to start with sensor-based optical recognition, as this is one […]

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Essentials To Starting A Thriving T-Shirt Business

Let’s assume that decorated T-shirts will continue to reign supreme as some of the most popular items to spend money on, and you want a piece of the T-shirt industry pie. How do you get started making and selling your own? According to Coastal Business Supplies, making and selling T-shirts using heat transfer vinyl is […]

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Why Vinyl Is The First Choice For Users

Waldo Lonsbury Semon, a researcher, made vinyl popular back in the 1920s when he produced a PVC, through additives, that was more flexible and easily processed than its predecessor. In this article, Sytech Supplies discusses the benefits of vinyl and its origins. Semon’s development led to new products, factories and the creation of more jobs. This […]

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Asking The Right Questions When Executing A Sign Job

SignForce discusses how to ensure that a sign job is carried out correctly, accurately and timeously. The processes include getting the artwork for the job signed off, getting the various processes completed, and ensuring that the team have access to the premises when it is time to deliver or install the sign. SignForce use a […]

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How Climate Affects Vinyl Performance

The durability of a PVC film is generally determined by three major factors. They are the additives in the film, the environment in which the film is used, and ink (in the case of printed film). The angle at which you display the signage is also a factor to consider. However as the regional climate […]

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Tips For Persuasive Signage That Leads To Purchases

According to Sytech Supplies, when your customers approach you to create signs for them, they’re hoping for not only durable material, but a sign that will pique a person’s interest and lead to a purchase. Signs also carry significant importance because they allow everyone who comes across them to engage in semiotics, and thus interpret […]

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