Laser technology is used in a wide range of applications in shopfitting, and Trotec’s solutions are optimised for common POS materials such as acrylic or cardboard. Due to the possibility of ‘continuous operation’ of the SP series – realised with the Tandem Assist – and optimised laser settings, no reworking, such as flame polishing of acrylic cut-outs, is necessary.

This results in a process cost reduction of up to 88%. Laser engravers are more in demand than ever, not only in shopfitting. The degree of personalisation expected from the end customer today is enormous.

The following Trotec laser machines will be showcased at the EuroShop 2020 from 16-20 February.

• SP2000 laser cutter.
• R500 laser cutter.
• Speedy 400 flexx laser engraver.
• Speedy 100 flexx laser engraver.

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