According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, digital signage, as a communication medium, is extremely useful as an advertising tool, but it shouldn’t only be used to push sales. It should also make a real impact in the lives of the people who view it. It can and should be used to deliver positive messages.

Aside from integrating hand sanitiser dispensers into kiosks to help people stay healthy, and DOOH operators donating screen time for health messages and for struggling businesses, there are other ways.

Offering safety tips

One easy way digital signage operators can do good is by offering safety tips on their displays. This could include how to identify suspicious activity in an area. Other examples include:

Offering hygiene techniques during normal times.

– Reminding drivers to watch for school children during school hours.
– Reminding drivers not to text and drive.
– Raising awareness for good causes.

One way to build up good will with a community is to prove that you actually care about the community. For businesses that use digital signage, it can make a big impact if you use some of your digital signage fund to raise awareness for important issues.

For example, a retailer could run a campaign to fight hunger and offer customers a coupon if they scan a QR code on a display and donate to a fund to provide food for those in need in their community. Or a gym could partner with organisations that offer healthy meals to schools in impoverished areas and invite customers to join in this effort on displays.

Celebrate local culture

Digital signage can help make a big impact for local businesses and events that make up the heart of a community. By celebrating the community, residents will appreciate the displays more and pay attention to its other messages.

This can take several forms, including:

– Offering discount advertising programmes to local businesses.
– Raising awareness for local events.
– Celebrating inspiring figures from that town/city.
– Celebrating unique/quirky aspects of a town.

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