Vic Bay has taken the leadership position in the African market by acquiring the first Kornit Storm HD 6 system on the African continent. This is the third Kornit system in a successful three year partnership between Vic Bay, Rexx Screen & Digital Supplies and Kornit Digital.

Mike Shiller, Owner/MD from Vic Bay in Johannesburg is excited that this new vertically integrated system enables his customers to get the superior quality, softest touch and unique technology – leading the way in DTG in sub-Saharan Africa: ‘We can now deliver full colour top quality prints on garments in a matter of minutes. The patented technology in Kornit’s platforms put them in a class of their own.’

The Kornit Storm HD 6 system being installed at Vic Bay.

Chris Govier, MD of Kornit EMEA, added that the investment of Vic Bay and the solid 11 year partnership between Kornit Digital and Rexx recognises the growth in the African market: ‘Together we are positioned incredibly well for the growth in the region and we are super excited about the future.’

‘Increasing the footprint of mass customisation with Kornit’s sustainable cutting edge print technology is essential for us at Rexx,’ added Stephen Harcourt-Wood, MD of Rexx Screen & Digital Supplies. ‘We are committed and believe in offering and supplying world class products and technologies while at the same time being extremely conscious of our ecological footprint. As part of our commitment to the environment, we have also recently partnered with Project Rhino in KwaZulu-Natal.’

‘We will continue to grow and invest in the Southern African economy, which we believe has unprecedented potential for growth. We love combining and using our local expertise with world class technology,’ concluded Harcourt-Wood.

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