Visdcom recently appointed Exodus Signage Supplies as the KwaZulu-Natal reseller of their thermo-transfer materials. Visdom’s Italian stocked Plotterfilms are thermo-transfer materials that assist in the personalisation process of T-shirts.

‘We are the sole distributor for sub-Saharan Africa for Plotterfilms, based in Milan,’ said Visdom’s Marco Busanello. ‘We chose Exodus Signage Supplies to represent, sell and stock Plotterfilms due to the company’s expertise, industry experience and connections.’

The products are renowned for their ease of use and are designed for speed and simplicity during application. Materials are also tested for strength and endurance in the company’s overseas laboratories and by its worldwide network of customers.

Exodus Signage Supplies owner Owen Naidoo said they have found Visdom’s products to be of high quality with an appealing pricing structure.

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VISDOM +27 (0) 71 977 1856

EXODUS SIGNAGE SUPPLIES +27 (0) 83 312 5716