According to María José García, FLAAR Reports/DPI Insights Magazine, advertising is everything for a business: it can be the piece of the puzzle that can mean success or failure. As marketing expenditure is increasing, it is invested more and more in signage, including digital signage. Thanks to the many trade shows around the world, people are being reminded of the importance of the market and that the business is growing considerably.

Advertising is not an easy job, and it can sometimes feel like a war against being boring and irrelevant. This is why psychologists have been consulted in the market, so they can analyse and propose better strategies based on human behaviour. This is also where neuroscience comes into the picture. Signage can increase brand awareness by 47.7%, according to InfoTrends. Being aware of what drives consumers’ behaviour can also help sign makers or providers advise their clients on the most effective ways to get their message across.

This article appears in the May/June edition of Sign Africa Journal (page 38). To read more, download a PDF of the magazine here. The magazine also features a useful and interactive PPE supplier directory (page 8).

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