Facts About Forestry, Recycling And Greenwashing Claims

According to Samantha Choles, Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa, we need to get the facts straight about paper and recycling and cut the greenwash. I recently drew cash at an ATM and was greeted with an on-screen message: ‘If everyone said no to a receipt just for one month, we would save 45 trees.’ […]

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Printing And Signage Industry CEO’s Sharing Future Trends And How Businesses Can Navigate COVID-19

Now is the time for businesses to reevaluate their processes; change their entire way of working, step up, innovate and find the opportunities where there seems to be none so they can not just survive this pandemic, but thrive going forward. How will they do this? CEO’s from both the printing and signage industries will […]

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Sign-Tronic Showcasing Turbocharged swissQprint Karibu At Sign Africa Expo

Sign-Tronic is exhibiting the swissQprint Karibu, which has awesome new features. Visitors can see the machine cutting both roll to roll and flat sheets at lightning speed. There will also be a live demonstration of automatic sewing of fabric. And visitors can experience the award-winning 3D letter printer using outdoor durable materials. Additionally, the company […]

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Statement Regarding Sign Africa Durban Expo And COVID-19

The expo organisers, Practical Publishing have advised that they have no intention of cancelling the Sign Africa Durban 2020 event on the 11-12 March 2020. Together with the venue, the Durban ICC, and feedback from the Department of Health and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, there is no need to cancel the expo, however […]

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Opportunities For Printers In 3D Printed Event Props

Ira Somers, writing for Massivit 3D, says that 3D printing offers print shops and fabricators the opportunity to deliver to their clients any design or shape they can imagine. Print shops that incorporate large 3D printing services can say yes to jobs that shops without a 3D printer must turn down. Event props can bring […]

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Key Differences Between Laser Cutting And Knife Cutting

Randi Kerkaert, writing for Summa, says both laser and knife cutting should be regarded as complementary actions. If we break this thought down, we can state certain materials can only be cut by knives, and others by laser technology. Although both lasers and knives can cut a multitude of material types, in certain cases, due […]

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Dispelling Four Digital Signage Myths

According to Doug Bannister, founder and CTO, Omnivex, from small cafés to boutiques to large showrooms, digital signage is a valuable marketing tool that delivers results. Don’t buy into the following four myths about digital signage: You should wait for the technology to mature more While there will undoubtedly be further advancements in digital signage […]

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Service Recovery In Today’s Fast-Paced World

John Tschohl of the Service Quality Institute elaborates on the concept of service recovery, including acting quickly, taking responsibility and being empowered. Not many companies practice the magic of Service Recovery. The magic in service recovery occurs when a frontline employee solves a customer’s problem and does so in 60 seconds or less. Acting quickly, […]

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Season’s Greetings From Sign Africa

Sign Africa wishes all its readers a joyous festive season and a prosperous New Year. We will be closed from 13 December 2019 and will reopen on 9 January 2020. Thank you for your support throughout the year! Be sure to add our expo dates to your 2020 calendar: – Bloemfontein: 12 February 2020. – […]

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How To Tackle Common Sublimation Issues

Coastal Business Supplies discusses 7 common sublimation issues, such as lack of vibrancy, image ghosting, blurry transfers, faded images, etc. and how to fix them.  Why aren’t my transfers coming out vibrant? There are a few reasons for this. First, make sure that you are printing on the correct side of your sublimation paper, which is […]

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