More Than Meets The UV-Curing Eye: You Have The UV Printer Specs, What’s Next?

According to María Renée Ayau, DPI Insights/FLAAR Reports, a UV-curable ink printer is a major decision for your company. It is advisable to arm yourself with independent information beforehand. This article appears in the latest Sign Africa Journal. If you are seriously thinking of purchasing this type of printer, it is expected that you will visit […]

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Tips For Printers On How To Keep Innovating

Howard M. Cohen, writing for the Xerox blog, discusses the importance of innovating to stay ahead of the competition. This article appears in the latest Sign Africa Journal.  The key to success in the IT partner channel has always been the same: keep coming up with something new to expand what your customer can achieve and […]

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Logo Design For Truck Wraps

Dan Antonelli, writing for SignCraft Magazine, says that nearly all of his company’s truck wrap designs first involve a brand redesign or building one from scratch. The nice thing about that is they get to start with a clean slate — unencumbered by layout and formatting issues, which may have made it harder to build an […]

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3D Printing Adds New Dimension To Traditional Channel Letters

Matan Weinstein, application engineer, Massivit 3D said, ‘Let’s face it, whether you’re selling a product or service, it has never been harder to attract the attention of your target audience than it is today. A recent Forbes article stated that digital marketing experts believe the average American is exposed to a staggering 4000 to 10,000 […]

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Read The Latest Sign Africa Journal Online

The latest edition of Sign Africa Journal is online. The front cover story focuses on Kalideck Antalis South Africa, and its recently unveiled Kalideck Experience Centre, which offers customers a complete experience of the company’s latest technology in digital grand and wide format printing, finishing, litho prepress and green packaging solutions. Other features include: Why a laser fits so well [...]

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