Delivering Personalised Experiences Through Digital Signage Software

Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, states that the modern customer can pull up information instantly on their phones. With this in mind, retailers and other businesses have struggled to compete for customers’ attention. Digital signage software vendors are helping address this problem by delivering personalised experiences. Why so personal? Many end users […]

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What Is The Future Of Signage In South Africa?

Where are consumers driving the signage environment and what changes can we expect to see over the next few years? Industry experts discuss the future of signage in South Africa. A number of recent marketing trend reports* have indicated that while print is still the most widely used signage solution around the globe, due to […]

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Open Letter To The President From SATU And Printing SA

As stakeholders in the typographical sector, comprising of the printing, packaging and allied industries, we commend you on the State Of The Nation Address (SONA) delivered by yourself on the 7th of February 2019, we also laud the work your administration has done since your inauguration in February 2018. However, as stakeholders within the sector, […]

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Send Us Your Educational Video Content

Sign Africa is looking for ‘How-To’ educational video content, detailing step-by-step processes related to the signage and printing industry. The videos focus on processes, not products. Examples of some topics used for past videos include: •How To Laminate And Mount Wide Format Materials.•How To Engrave And Cut Wood With A Laser.•How To Bend And Weld […]

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Harvesters Wrapped In Grafitack Cast AE38C For Nampo

Bloemfontein based Ninim Designs used Grafitack cast AE38C material to wrap two Case 7140 Ladybrand harvesters for agricultural exhibition Nampo 2018. The American flag was chosen for the wrapping since Case is an American brand. The panels that could be removed were brought to Ninim Designs for wrapping, while the rest of the harvesters were […]

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Roll Up Your Sleeves And Become Relevant To Your Customers 

President and founder of the Service Quality Institute John Tschohl says you’re not going to succeed through manufacturing, distribution or information power — those have all been commoditised. If you want to succeed, roll up your sleeves and do the work of building your customer experience. Don’t become irrelevant to your customers, which is what will happen if you don’t [...]

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How To Take Advantage Of Your Large Format Signs 

According to DPI Insights magazine/FLAAR Reports, indoor and outdoor advertising are a basic part of advertising. In most cases, you use large format printing. Currently, different techniques and different types of materials have been developed to make these advertising campaigns more creative. This article appears in Sign Africa Journal.  The biggest challenge is scale, since your signage is going to [...]

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Simplifying The Intricate Process Of Laser Cutting Acrylic

Mafalda Theias from All3DP outlines the process of creating a vector design and simplifying the intricate process of laser cutting acrylic. Before getting into laser cutting, it’s important to understand what a laser cutting machine is and how it works. A typical laser cutter connects a computer and works in the X and Y axes. (In other words, it’s a bidimensional machine.) [...]

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Sign Africa Video Series: Simulated Process Printing On T-Shirts

In this video, T-shirt printing industry veteran Charlie Taublieb demonstrates simulated process printing. Summary: • Simulated process printing: making a full colour image using half tones and opaque inks as opposed to four colour process (using transparent inks with CMYK). • Software choice is a determining factor. • Separation Studio can break an image down to six colours or [...]

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Sign Africa Video Series: How To Sublimate A Ceramic Tile

In this video, JG Electronics trainer/technical support specialist Lentern Nkwane demonstrates how to sublimate a ceramic tile. Checklist: • Sublimation printer. • Sublimation paper. • Sublimation inks. • Blank tile. • Nomex pad. • Heat tape. Steps: 1. Place items on top of each other: first the Nomex pad, then sublimation paper with image facing up, followed by the white side [...]

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