Putting Print At The Heart Of The Brand Experience

James de Waal, head of Marketing Business Imaging Group, Canon South Africa breaks down the role of graphics in creating seamless brand experiences.  Over the last decade, retail brand owners have come to the growing realisation that traditional marketing is no longer enough to increase footfall to their stores and boost sales. Customers now expect […]

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Signs Are One Of The Top Applications Produced By Wide Format Print Service Providers

James de Waal, head of marketing business imaging group, Canon South Africa, states that signs are one of the top applications being produced by wide format PSPs (1). POS/POP displays have also more recently been gaining traction, with 59% of businesses experiencing growth in this area (2). Over half of all printing businesses are also […]

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How To Boost A Company’s Reputation And Transform Customer Experience

Michelle Janse Van Vuuren, marketing director at Canon SA, discusses navigating GDPR for marketing and assesses: the rise of personalisation, driving better ROI, building reputation through trust and smarter data management. The marketing function has undergone unprecedented change in recent years, with consumers now wielding the power in the relationship between customer and brand. As […]

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Tombstones, Trolleys And Teardrop Banners: Underrated Signage Put In The Spotlight

In this article, Sytech Supplies discusses types of signage that go unnoticed, but have an important message to tell.  Next time you’re around a shopping centre, don’t forget to acknowledge how intelligent it is that major shopping stores brand their trolleys. As you push your cart to your vehicle, you’re advertising for that particular store. […]

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The Correlation Between Sustainability And Business Success

Dana Eitzen, corporate and marketing communications executive at Canon South Africa, discusses why a sustainable business is a successful business. Any change to how a business runs will invariably come at a cost. Sustainable practice is an investment like any other. But the cost doesn’t have to be insurmountable. For example, reducing waste is likely […]

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Wayfinding Digital Signage Basics

President of Visix Sean Matthews discusses the basics of designing wayfinding digital signage. He states that the digital world and the physical world are becoming more and more integrated, and nowhere is that clearer than with interactive wayfinding. This is more than just putting some maps up on a screen. People today interact with visual […]

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Join The Printing SA Movement At The Sign Africa Cape Town Expo

Printers are invited to join the movement with Printing SA, which will be hosting a members forum at the Sign Africa Cape Town Expo, taking place 5-6 June at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The forum is free and non-members are welcome to attend and sign up as members. Learn more about how Printing […]

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The Next Step In The Big Data Revolution For Businesses

Dana Eitzen, corporate and marketing communications executive at Canon South Africa, states that we should all be taking an action-first approach to big data. While an insights-first approach to data can be interesting, it is almost certainly not the way to generate operational and transformative value for your business. Change is driven by action. For […]

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Sign Africa Cape Town Expo Highlighting Latest Signage And Print Trends

The Sign Africa Cape Town Expo, taking place from 5-6 June 2019 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, will allow visitors to explore the latest technologies and trends such as: wide format digital printing, garment decoration, screen printing and signage, right in their own city. The popular Speed Wrap Challenge will be held during […]

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South African Speed Wrap Champion Competing In Munich World Wrap Masters

Senzo Nzama, winner of the 2018 Speed Wrap Challenge at the FESPA Africa and Sign Africa expos, will represent South Africa at the FESPA World Wrap Masters, taking place at FESPA 2019 in Munich, from 14-17 May. ‘I am so excited and really looking forward to the challenge,’ said Nzama, ‘I have been praying to […]

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