Maizey Plastics displayed its wide range of solutions for the signage industry at the Graphics, Print and Sign Expo, which took place from 14-16 September at the Gallagher Convention Centre.

A product highlight included the Omega-Skinz wrapping film, a very soft flexible self-adhesive cast film that is 3D deformable with heat. Omega-Skinz deforms very easily in both concave and over convex surfaces, such as bulges and corners, kinks and indents of vehicles. It features extra colour depth and appearance. In addition, the film is less susceptible to overstretching when mounting onto large surfaces. The film does not shrink, has a long life and is designed for outdoor applications on smooth substrates, such as automotive, sign making, 2K paints, gel coatings, glass, as well as boats and super yachts.

Omega-Skinz consists of different layers that absorb the film tensions during stretching and deformation. The top layer is a transparent PVC film, which gives the bottom layer extra colour depth. Omega-Skinz wrapping film is cast as a 2-pass or 3-pass system, whereby the different layers eventually form one homogeneous layer. The result is a strong and stable film during application, which becomes very soft and supple when heated with a heat gun or infrared lamp. Both properties are ideal for large surfaces and complex shapes such as bumpers, spoilers and door handles.

Other products showcased:

Rowmark engraving laminates

These engraving materials offer the greatest variety of high quality engravable, laserable and routable sign materials. The following Rowmark ranges are available: Flexibrass, Laserlights, Lasermax, Mattes, Nomark Plus and Standard Metals and Ultra Mattes Reverse. They are ideal for general signs, safety or directional signs, hospitals, retail, restaurants and directories, trophies and plaques, and personal identification like name badges, luggage tags, key chains, golf bag tags and yardage markers.

Accessories and application tools

The range includes: application tools like squeegees, cutting blades and trimmers; application tapes and papers for transfer of vinyl and heat transfer decals; double sided tapes and films; KAPA® Metal Hangers (for the suspension of foam boards without the use of needles, screws and nails); adhesives for acrylics and other plastics; degreasers and surface cleaners; badge magnets and brooch pins; link-it plastic connectors as well as LED’s and power supply units.

Poli-Flex Heat Transfer Media

These are premium quality transfer vinyls for the lettering and graphic decoration of a variety of textiles or fabrics. From sports, leisure, corporate, workwear or gift items, Maizey’s range of vinyls offer near infinite possibilities to create spectacular designs. The range is available in printable grades – white and clear; cut grades in a rainbow of finishes and colours (glitter, texture, flock, etc.) and Hotmelt adhesive film for fixing of leather or embroidered badges or tags. Application/transfer tapes are also available. The media is easy to work with, cut, weed and transfer.

Self-adhesive vinyls

The range of vinyls include opaque and sandblast films in a dazzling array of colours in both matt and gloss finishes. They are easy to work with and apply. The range includes: Grafitack Promo Matt Series for short term applications; Grafitack 200-300 Series for longer term applications up to five years; Grafitack and Avery Sandblast Effect Vinyls – available in a range of finishes for both indoor and outdoor use on mirrors, glass doors and windows; as well as Grafitack stencil vinyl for the production of sandblasting stencils.

Special effects vinyls

Aslan Blackboard vinyl allows users to create a matt finish ‘chalkboard’ on just about any surface. It is easy to clean with a dry or damp cloth and will not leave ghosting. Aslan Whiteboard vinyl can be used for turning a smooth surface like glass, wood or plastic into a writable whiteboard in any shape chosen. It is easy to apply and clean and doesn’t leave ghosting. VinylEfx® films allow users to transform ordinary graphics into extraordinary statements. These eye-catching and glittering vinyls attract much more attention, meaning craft projects will be show stoppers and will be remembered.

Doming kits and consumables

With printed and kiss-cut vinyl decals (stickers) and Maizey’s doming resin starter kit, users can produce high quality 3D labels and badges. Doming is a great way to add value to a product. A doming workstation is inexpensive to set up. The doming starter kit contains: glass, a leveller, tape, vinyl matrix, a plunger, resin, mixer, lighter, bicarbonate of soda, gloves and a cloth.

Lumi-LED solutions were also showcased. They are durable and competitively priced, with excellent light transmission. They are ideal for lighboxes, channel letter signs and display applications.

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