Free Webinar: Rebuilding The Print Industry With A New Wide Format Range

The new Fujifilm Acuity wide format range presents exciting new possibilities and forms part of the blueprint to the recovery for wide format print providers who are forward-thinking, willing to break from the traditional ways of thinking about wide format print and willing to do their homework. The Acuity Ultra R2 is a completely redesigned and significantly improved version [...]

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Sheetco Exhibits Avanti Sublimation Printer At Sign Africa Durban Expo

Sheetco showcased the Avanti A-180 Veloce, which features production speeds of up to 60sqm per hour, at the Sign Africa Durban Expo, which took place from 11-12 March at the Durban ICC. Design features include: – Pinch roller lift up from both front and back for easier one operator loading. – Fixed guide media clamps […]

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Companies Are Making Efforts To Get Ink Certified

Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Project states that according to the European Printing Inks Federation, there are over one million different ink recipes used across the range of applications where ink plays a part. Manufacturers offer different formulas suited to different printing methods and in digital printing, the ink sets can differ from device to […]

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Do You, Or Your Clients, Really Need White Ink?

Many people want white inkjet ink. Sign makers need white ink to print on dark materials. Print shops need white ink as background for translucent materials for images in colour. The textile industry needs white ink so they can print onto dark fabrics. For UV, solvent and eco-solvent situations, white ink can be a spot […]

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