Why Vinyl Is The First Choice For Users

Waldo Lonsbury Semon, a researcher, made vinyl popular back in the 1920s when he produced a PVC, through additives, that was more flexible and easily processed than its predecessor. In this article, Sytech Supplies discusses the benefits of vinyl and its origins. Semon’s development led to new products, factories and the creation of more jobs. This […]

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How Climate Affects Vinyl Performance

The durability of a PVC film is generally determined by three major factors. They are the additives in the film, the environment in which the film is used, and ink (in the case of printed film). The angle at which you display the signage is also a factor to consider. However as the regional climate […]

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Tombstones, Trolleys And Teardrop Banners: Underrated Signage Put In The Spotlight

In this article, Sytech Supplies discusses types of signage that go unnoticed, but have an important message to tell.  Next time you’re around a shopping centre, don’t forget to acknowledge how intelligent it is that major shopping stores brand their trolleys. As you push your cart to your vehicle, you’re advertising for that particular store. […]

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