How Covid-19 Could Affect Touchscreen Interaction

According to Bradley Cooper, writing for Digital Signage Today, some companies are starting to move towards touchless interactive experiences allowing customers to simply speak to a display for whatever task they want to accomplish. Other companies, however, are finding ways to help keep touchscreens clean. As the world continues to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, customers […]

2020-06-08T07:56:40+02:00Jun 5th, 2020|

The Safe Implementation Of Touchscreens

According to Ian Crosby, Zytronic VP of sales and marketing, touchscreens form a major aspect of the way we view and interact with the world, with most of us using them multiple times daily. Banks, fast-food outlets, public transport, shops and many more such services rely on touchscreens for efficient operation, providing us with an […]

2020-05-25T08:12:34+02:00May 22nd, 2020|