The Power Of 3D Holographic Signage

According to Jeff Barnes, Light Field Lab, writing for Digital Signage Today, taking inspiration from popular sci-fi movies, some of today’s manufacturers are expanding the capabilities of video wall technology, and by proxy, the future use cases of digital signage. Digital signage technology is constantly evolving, presenting new opportunities for the world of business to […]

2022-06-21T13:23:11+02:00Jun 15th, 2022|

Interactive Displays Can Increase Brand Loyalty

According to Katie Kolchiek from Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. and writing for Digital Signage Today, it is no surprise to see innovative brands implementing unique elements into their merchandising programmes. Not only does technology offer data collection capabilities, but incorporating entertaining components excites shoppers and encourages discovery.  There was a time when experiential merchandising displays broke the mould [...]

2021-06-21T08:36:29+02:00Jun 21st, 2021|

Asking The Right Questions With Digital Signage

Digital signage is an evolving medium. It is an interesting mix of the traditional and the new age. While the concept of a sign is as old as civilisation itself, a linked digital communications platform is something entirely new.  The digital age has brought an untold number of new opportunities to artists. In the 1600s […]

2020-11-09T08:42:27+02:00Nov 6th, 2020|

Digital Signage Connects Businesses Now More Than Ever

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, through tools such as customer queue apps, thermal detection and antimicrobial touch interfaces, digital signage vendors are taking on Covid-19 from all directions by protecting customers and employees and providing information. Digital signage and kiosk vendors are crafting a number of systems and solutions to help […]

2020-08-17T08:28:50+02:00Aug 14th, 2020|

Do Your Research When Implementing Digital Signage

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, digital signage can help provide solutions to both monitor customer movement and ensure social distancing. But digital signage can be an expensive investment, especially during times of slow economic growth like now. As Covid-19 continues to impact how businesses do business, many people are looking […]

2020-08-03T08:26:12+02:00Jul 30th, 2020|

Digital Signage Helps Maintain A Positive Customer Experience

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, one of the most important tactics to stay afloat is to maintain good communication with customers, so that they understand all of the guidelines and how your company is keeping them safe. Digital signage can help with that task. ‘This pandemic has illuminated the fact […]

2020-07-06T08:06:17+02:00Jul 1st, 2020|

How Covid-19 Could Affect Touchscreen Interaction

According to Bradley Cooper, writing for Digital Signage Today, some companies are starting to move towards touchless interactive experiences allowing customers to simply speak to a display for whatever task they want to accomplish. Other companies, however, are finding ways to help keep touchscreens clean. As the world continues to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, customers […]

2020-06-08T07:56:40+02:00Jun 5th, 2020|

The Safe Implementation Of Touchscreens

According to Ian Crosby, Zytronic VP of sales and marketing, touchscreens form a major aspect of the way we view and interact with the world, with most of us using them multiple times daily. Banks, fast-food outlets, public transport, shops and many more such services rely on touchscreens for efficient operation, providing us with an […]

2020-05-25T08:12:34+02:00May 22nd, 2020|

Using Digital Signage For More Than Just Advertising

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, digital signage, as a communication medium, is extremely useful as an advertising tool, but it shouldn’t only be used to push sales. It should also make a real impact in the lives of the people who view it. It can and should be used to […]

2020-05-11T08:16:53+02:00May 5th, 2020|

16 Concrete Reasons For Transitioning To Electronic Signs

According to Sean Matthews, president of software provider Visix, the time of digital signage has arrived, and organisations without it are going to get left behind. Here are 16 reasons to adopt digital signage: 1. Digital signs are bright, modern and dynamic. People are used to referencing screens on the go to get information, whether […]

2020-04-27T13:54:17+02:00Apr 24th, 2020|
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