How Digital Signage Helps Retailers

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, digital signage can help out during these trying times by allowing retailers to stay in touch with their customers and provide the most important commodity of all: information. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, and as politicians pass measures to attempt to control it, many retailers […]

2020-04-14T09:28:17+02:00Apr 9th, 2020|

Digital Signage Trends That Influence The Sporting Industry

BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings discusses three trends in today’s world of digital signage in terms of sporting venues. He refers to a blog post he authored some years back about the emergence of digital signage in sporting venues. At the time, we were starting to see strong indicators that network-connected displays were going to play […]

2019-11-25T10:58:44+02:00Nov 21st, 2019|
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