Wide format signage has played a key role in delivering information and guidance signage to essential shops, public areas, hospitals and more during the pandemic. The digital print industry during the past few months was called upon to deliver this signage for Covid-19, and deliver it fast.

From printing exhibition graphics, banners and POS signage, suddenly providers were printing distance markings, shop display signage, banners and signs, all focused on public safety. There was, and still is, a lot of it.

What lies ahead in the ‘new normal’? Signage still remains the most effective way to drive impulse buys as more shops open and customers feel ready to visit them. Healthcare will of course be a major consideration for print businesses going forward, as will schools, workplaces and other areas as they open – all requiring health and safety signage.

Mutoh’s range can be used to produce sign applications, including floor and wall stickers, indoor and durable outdoor, flexible and rigid, and more.

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