Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, provides some key tips to both help you better handle your digital signage and to better use it to its full effectiveness.

Pick a partner, not a supplier

One major problem with many suppliers is that they are only interested in making a sale. Once they sell you the display, media player or software, they leave you to handle the details. This is why end users should look for someone to partner with them, not just supply them with a product. A good way to tell the difference between a supplier and a partner is to talk with their previous customers. Did they work with the customers directly and help them with all their needs or did they sell and run?

Learn from Burger King

Burger King has used digital signage in a simple, yet effective way that many end users can learn from. Digital signage does not need to be horribly complicated to be effective, all it needs to do is to deliver content that catches the audience’s attention. Burger King does this by using simple nonintrusive displays.

These displays mostly keep the volume down pretty low, only raising the volume during movie trailers, which naturally draw in customer’s attention. A display does not have to be loud and in a customer’s face all the time to be effective, it just needs to be able to attract their attention at the right time.

Know the true cost of ownership

Many only consider the initial investment when looking at the cost of digital signage, such as the price tag on the media player and displays. Also consider these factors:

• Installation: this can vary depending on whether the display is indoor or outdoor or whether it needs a reinforced chassis. This can also include factors such as paying for permits to deploy DOOH displays.
• Content: who is going to be making the content? Will it be an out of house studio or in- house? Will you need to hire a new employee to handle it? How often will you update the content?
• Service: Who will fix the display when it breaks?
• Long term costs: How will you determine when you need to replace the display? Will your vendor give you a discount on updated equipment or software?

Once you have a firm grasp on what the total cost of ownership is, you can begin determining whether the display will actually net you a profit, whether that be a simple monetary profit or a profit in customer engagement.

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