SA 3D Printing Community Prints Face Shields To Prevent COVID-19 Spread

South African 3D printing enthusiasts heeded the call to print protective face shields for medical workers, with 5000 now printed, and more being manufactured. ‘This target was reached in an extremely short period of time due to our 3D community’s willingness to help and will go a long way in assisting South Africa to fight […]

2020-04-14T09:28:04+02:00Apr 10th, 2020|

Digital Signage Can Help People Stay Informed During Coronavirus Pandemic

According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, digital signage vendors are feeling the impact of the coronavirus due to supply chain restrictions and stock market volatility. Due to increasing restrictions on public gatherings and travel, people are becoming far more isolated as well. ‘Stock market volatility as a result of coronavirus fears […]

2020-03-23T09:20:34+02:00Mar 19th, 2020|