Vic Bay Acquires First Kornit Storm HD 6 System In Africa

Vic Bay has taken the leadership position in the African market by acquiring the first Kornit Storm HD 6 system on the African continent. This is the third Kornit system in a successful three year partnership between Vic Bay, Rexx Screen & Digital Supplies and Kornit Digital. Mike Shiller, Owner/MD from Vic Bay in Johannesburg […]

2019-10-02T08:41:54+02:00Sep 17th, 2019|

Digital Printing For Textiles

Laurel Brunner, Verdigris Project, says Manufacturers of digital printing presses have been eyeing up the textile market for a while. Both direct to garment (DTG) printing and the printing of textiles for other purposes have been attracting attention. This makes sense, given the range of technologies available and the dynamism in the digital printing business: […]

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