A Tempting 2020 For 3D Printing

It seems like only yesterday that we were all talking about this new and revolutionary printing method, which could print any 3D model made in 3D software. Everybody was amazed with the idea of creating any piece straight out of your imagination in a tangible way, exactly like you wanted it. 3D printing has existed […]

2020-03-09T11:16:53+02:00Mar 6th, 2020|

Do You, Or Your Clients, Really Need White Ink?

Many people want white inkjet ink. Sign makers need white ink to print on dark materials. Print shops need white ink as background for translucent materials for images in colour. The textile industry needs white ink so they can print onto dark fabrics. For UV, solvent and eco-solvent situations, white ink can be a spot […]

2019-08-18T13:01:27+02:00Aug 8th, 2019|

More Than Meets The UV-Curing Eye: You Have The UV Printer Specs, What’s Next?

According to María Renée Ayau, DPI Insights/FLAAR Reports, a UV-curable ink printer is a major decision for your company. It is advisable to arm yourself with independent information beforehand. This article appears in the latest Sign Africa Journal. If you are seriously thinking of purchasing this type of printer, it is expected that you will visit […]

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