Tips To Achieve Great Results When Applying Graphics To Rough Surfaces

Gareth Newman, Academy Manager at Drytac, shares tips and tricks when it comes to applying wall and floor graphics on tougher surfaces. Graphics can be incredibly impactful, changing a room – or even a whole building – with colour and design. But it is not necessary to fight what is already there, or to ignore the natural finish of [...]

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Don’t Slip Up On Ensuring The Safety Of Floor Graphics

According to David Morgan, Technical Assistance, Drytac Europe, to ensure floor graphics are appropriate for their setting, you should invest in the right product. When public safety is a priority, it’s not enough to use any self-adhesive graphics media that sticks to the floor – only a product designed specifically for this application should be […]

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Tips For Working With Floor Graphics Films

According to Neschen, floors are ideal spaces for advertising, especially in stores. The company gives tips on how to maximise floor graphics to their full potential. Selecting the right adhesive strength For difficult surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, wood, carpet or paving stones, a high-tack solution is best because it ensures optimum adhesion. A high-tack […]

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