How To Restart Your Calendar Efficiently

Klieverik has shared useful information on restarting your calendar after it has been left standing idle. 1. Perform a visual inspection and make sure there is nothing on top of the machine or on the blanket that should not be there. 2. Grease the bearings, lubricate the drive chains, check the chain tension, and check […]

2020-06-29T08:09:19+02:00Jun 19th, 2020|

Time Is Money With Dye Sublimation Or Disperse Dye Fixation

Klieverik shares information on getting the most out of running your heat press. When it comes to the time-management of your heat press, estimates about the number of seconds required for dye sublimation or fixation are only a rough indication of what is needed. This information is useful for the initial set up of the machine, […]

2019-12-02T09:21:25+02:00Nov 25th, 2019|
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