Chemosol is showcasing the Epson SC-F2100 DTG printer, Epson SureLab D700 and heat presses at the Sign Africa Cape Town Expo, from 5-6 June at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Epson SC-F2100 DTG printer

With improved speed and quality, this complete Epson solution includes the printer, printhead, ink and software. Users can add lettering and combine images to create unique designs. It prints directly onto cotton and has a wide colour gamut. It also prints onto dark fabric with ease as the white ink is extremely tough. Epson’s UltraChrome DG ink has been awarded ECO PASSPORT certification1 by OEKO-TEX.

Epson SureLab D700

The D700 can print photos, cards, invitations, flyers and promotional leaflets on a wide range of media and formats, including glossy, lustre and matte roll paper from 102–210mm wide and from 89–1000mm in length. Because of the SureLab D700’s compact size, this desktop printer can fit perfectly into a photo kiosk and is durable, as most of its parts are permanent.

CY-S1 and CY-G3 heat presses

The CY-S1 features eight in one combo heaters and comprises of four different mug attachments, cap attachment and two different sized plates attachments. The CY-G3 Auto open sliding table high-pressure heat press features an automatic electronic magnetic drawer.

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