Sign-Tronic exhibited the Nyala flatbed printer at the Sign Africa Cape Town Expo, held from 5-6 June at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

For signage convertors, the application of liquid coatings to protect digital prints means an extra, labour intensive and messy step in their production process. Sign-Tronic has stepped in to alleviate these production pressures with a specially formulated varnish that is deposited onto printed graphics as part of the printing process.

The varnish complements the company’s range of flexible UV inks and is developed for use with swissQprint machines equipped with nine channels. The machine printed with four print heads per colour in CMYK and 14 picolitres (a first in South Africa), including two varnish print heads at 30 picolitres.

The solution is suitable for car wraps, truck curtains, illuminated signage, vacuum formed signage, metal and petrol station signage as well as floor graphics.

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